Hositrad Vacuum Technology

represent ColdEdge Technologies providing custom <4K to 1000K closed cycle cryostats with interfaces.

They provide GM & Pulse Tube technologies from SHI Cryogenics of America, Displex®, CTI Cryodyne, and other popular closed cycle coolers.


ColdEdge Technologies supply also open cycle flow cryostats that use liquid helium or LN2 as the cooling source 
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Without the pressure of having to sell our their cryocooler brand, Coldedge can work with the researcher to arrive at the best cryocooler solution for the researchers particular requirements and interface needs.

They supply complete systems with application specific and/or custom vacuum enclosures, radiation shields, sample holders, windows, temperature sensors, heaters, extra experimental wire leads and feedthroughs (UHV, SMA, coax & other), temperature controllers, vacuum pump systems, sample manipulation attachments, low vibration CCR interfaces and many other additional options. Interfaces with sample in vapor, sample in vacuum, UHV and custom interfaces are available.

Interface customization is their speciality - send us your sketch and we will work it into your design.       
ULV Benefits Nanometer displacement Ultra Low vibration Closed Cycle Cryocooler
The levels of vibration are inferred by feedback we get from our customers. For example, while using our ULV there is no line broadening during Mossbauer experiments, the system is used on SEM's and with <4K bolometer's so in order for these performance parameters to actually happen in these applications the vibration levels need to be below 10 to 15 nanometer's. This is how we have backed into our specifications. 
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The Next Generation Closed Cycle Cryostat
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Replacing Open Cycle Liquid Helium Flow and Single Experiment Closed Cycle Cryostats

A completely closed cycle system that uses a 4K or 10K closed cycle refrigerator as base cooling system (GM or Pulse Tube cycle, two stages)

Key Features
  • Flexible section can be up to 4 feet long
  • No orientation restrictions at cold head
  • Plugs into multiple experimental heads
  • Eliminates need for liquid helium

New Applications
Closed Cycle Cryogenic X-Ray Diffraction <4K to 1000K Interfaces
Upgrade your current XRD or Goniometer to Close Cycle
  • Bruker D500 & D-8, Huber, PANalytical and others
  • Flexible Eulerian Cradle mount option available
  • Sample rotation while cold optional
  • Custom interfaces available—just send us your requirement
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<3.5K to 1000KClosed Cycle Nanometer
Displacement Low Vibration Interface

Vibration dampening interface which
provides  <10 to 15 nanometer displacement
at the sample.

Cryogen Free Remote ColdTip Technology
Sample in Vacuum, Flowing vapor, UHV
Completely closed cooling system that
allows cold tip to be mounted up to 1.2m
from closed cycle cryocooler

Closed Cycle Cryostat
- Sample in Vacuum

<4K to 1000K temperature range,
sample in vacuum

New Products - 1000K interface
ColdEdge's 1000K Cryocooler interface
(patent pending)

NEW STINGER Multiple Experiment
Cryogenic Cooling System

A Next Generation Closed Cycle Cryostat
to Replace Open Cycle LHe Coolers and
Single Experiment Closed Cycle Cryostats


Oxford Heads Stinger compatiple