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Rotary Vane Pumps

Drehschieber Vakuum Pumpen

VRD Dual Stage Vacuum Pump  (Pumping Speed 4 to 65 m3/h)

- Two-Shift adjustable gas ballast valve satisfies different requirements of condensable vapor(such as water vapor) to be exhausted out of pump in different processes.

- Dual protection of oil anti-sucking back ensures vacuum system from oil pollution when pump stops running and needs to be easily restarted.

- Forced oil circulation system consisted of oil pump and constant pressure oil supply mechanism ensures stable running of the pump.

- Less components are used, easy to maintain and repair.

Specifications download here

VRI Dual Stage Vacuum Pump (Small) -  (Pumping Speed 2 to 8 m3/h)

- Forced oil cycling system makes high reliability of the pump.

- Equipped with solenoid valve for anti-sucking back protection.

- Convenient to manage the oil level with big sight glass design.

- lntegrated cylinder structure ensures high ultimate vacuum.

Specifications download here