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Children Aid Fund

Hositrad is manufacturing many vacuum components in Asia. After several visits we have seen many people who are suffering, especially children and disabled people. We decided that we wanted to help the children in India, this means that 3.5% of our turnover purchased there will be put on a special account. Once a year when we visit we will donate this money to an institute, and we will buy something for these poor people.
We bought already some computers for a girls' orphan-institute for their education. We bought for an institute for disabled children a copier machine for copying for the bank so that they can earn some small revenue. We purchased washing machine for a disabled children institute. This institute then generated funds by washing clothes for their local hospital. Over the last two years we donated money to a special school for poor children from 6 to 12 years old. These children are born far away from any school and are brought together to give them education. We donated money for the first school which is finished now, and now they are building another school to help more Indian children.
Donation in January 2020 in memory of the founder of Hositrad, Mr.Jacob Tomassen. They have converted 11 class-rooms in digital ones, in one of the constituent school of Maharashtra Education Society, viz. Boys High School (popularly known as Perugate Bhave High School), Pune, Maharashtra, India.