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Henniker Plasma Products and Services 

HPT Low Pressure Plasma Systems

HPT-100  100mm diameter cylindrical chamber (2 litre volume)
HPT-200  150mm diameter cylindrical chamber (5 litre volume)
HPT-300  200mm x 200mm rectangular chamber (12.5 litre volume), multiple parts trays
HPT-500  240mm x 240mm rectangular chamber (23 litre volume), multiple parts trays


Passionate about Plasma®

Henniker's plasma treatment systems and processes are trusted by many leading organisations where they play a critical role in production and research.

We offer a wide range of products from low-cost laboratory plasma cleaners to custom plasma treatment systems for academia and industry.

The Henniker Plasma 'HPT' range of low pressure plasma treatment systems are microprocessor controlled benchtop devices that are ideal for routine laboratory,

R&D and light industrial tasks. Due to their ease of use and reliability, they are the instrument of choice for many of the world's leading companies and institutes,

where they are used clean surfaces and activate materials in order to increase wettability and improve adhesion.

The Henniker Plasma 'NEBULA' range of low pressure plasma treatment systems are standalone systems with large capacity chambers for treating larger format parts, or more parts in a single batch. They are suited to both regular industrial usage and also for development of new processes and surface chemistry. NEBULA plasma treatment systems have a large HMI interface and are controlled via an industrial PLC system.
They allow user level access ranging from simple operator, able to execute programs only, to full administrator, able to create users, edit and test new recipes. Due to their flexibility and robustness, they are chosen where reliability and flexibility are paramount.

NEBULA low pressure Plasma systems:   

NEBULA-30-150 litre plasma processing Chamber.

Atmospheric Plasma treatment:

The Cirrus atmospheric plasma device enables localised improvement of the adhesion characteristics of a wide range of materials.
It is a compact standalone instrument which delivers a continuous plume (8-10mm wide) of low temperature plasma to the surface and
can easily be integrated with assembly/production lines with or without robot handling.
The Cirrus operates with compressed air and doesn’t require any special gases or other services. A rear panel sub-D connector allows
start/stop triggering of the plasma via an external signal supplied by the line.

Atmospheric Plasma System: Cirrus and Nimbus, single and dual nozzle versions.

Microscopy Plasma cleaners:

Henniker's Plasma Cleaners for microscopy applications are low-cost benchtop systems designed specifically for fast and efficient cleaning
of TEM sample holders as well as SEM stubs. The TEM plasma cleaner is fully automated and comes with standard adapters
which are suitable for the sample holders supplied from all the major microscope manufacturers.

HPT-100 TEM Plasma Cleaner: 100mm diameter Cylindrical Chamber (2 litre volume) with TEM holder Adapters and also removable parts tray.

Henniker Plasma Application Note TEM Plasma Cleaning.

what is plasma treatment schematic drawing of the plasma process

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