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Custom Vacuum Chambers

Guaranteed to Meet Your Special Requirements.
We can assist you with chamber concept, application, engineering, and design.
We work from your rough sketches, and prepare complete production drawings on our 3D CAD system using the latest version of SolidWorks. The cheapest chamber may not be the least expensive. To insure you receive exactly what you need, we provide you with complete production drawings for your review and written approval, before fabrication begins. Whichever vendor you choose, we strongly recommend production prints be sent to you for final approval prior to manufacturing. Approved prints minimize the possibility of design and/or manufacturing errors.

Our many years of experience permit us to offer you the following advantages:
Complete Production Drawings - Prepared and Submitted for Customer - Approval before Fabrication starts.

New! Modular Vacuum Chamber System

A controlled vacuum space where modification is the norm rather than exception.

In comparison to conventional welded vacuum chambers, modular chamber allows modification through removing walls, which can be equipped with a range of built-in accessories. When the research priority changes, there is no need to make a new investment into hardware.
What is more, the modular solution enables the repositioning of individual segments compatible
with each other to build a vacuum system. 

The following features offer greater ability to be customized.
Modular nature
Connect a mix of chamber modules, e.g., cube, hexagon and cuboid to design your own complex vacuum system. All available in a range of custom sizes, with wall length from
450 mm up to 2 m.
Removable walls
If the experimental procedure must be modified, move or remove the walls to allow for infinite variations. Both aluminium and stainless steel walls with various surface modifications are available.

Integrated accessories
Removable walls can be equipped with built-in components such as hinges, viewports, several flange types, handles, lifting lugs and electrical feedthroughs compatible with the highest demands.
Vacuum frame
Allows easy connection between individual chambers. Both aluminium and stainless steel are possible with various surface modifications.
Vacuum Control
Modular chambers can include a turnkey vacuum system for pumping, measurement, and HMI interface. Individual design of these systems is guaranteed.

Optical table integration
Integrated tables with insulation bellows are ready for the most stable optical applications.
Heavy and light frame versions are available.

Precision cleaning
Complete system compatible with cleanroom conditions.



Standard Performance
Certification and Documentation

Every chamber shipped is certified:
*To be leak-free, leak-checked with a helium mass spectrometer to a sensitivity of
  2 x 10-10 mbar l/s. A certificate of compliance is supplied.
*Tolerances according ISO 2768-1m
*Port alignment accurate within ±1°.
*Fabricated from type 304(L) stainless steel. Options for 316L, 316LN(ESR) or Aluminum.
*Only sulfur-free water-soluble oils used in machining parts.
*Internal or full penetration welds made by TIG welding.
*Cleaned, wrapped and packaged for installation upon receipt by the customer.

Performance Options

At your option and request, we can perform, certify, and document:
*Qualification of ultimate base pressures measured < 10-10 mbar, achieved with
  the system in our facility. Certification of bakeout and pumping techniques
  employed to achieve specified pressure.
*RGA partial pressure analysis < 10-13 mbar from 0 to 200 AMU.
*Choice of the conditions under which the system is shipped, e.g., blanked off,
  under vacuum, bagged with dry nitrogen or other gas of your choice, or a
  combination of the preceding.
*Choice of materials used in fabrication. 304, 316L, 316LN(ESR), Alumimum, Titanium, etc.
*Chemical and mechanical processes used to prepare systems and surfaces, such as
  passivation, electro-polishing, mechanical polishing (up to a #2-lap finish), or
  chemical removal of carbon and/or hydrogen from the surface.

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