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Hositrad Vacuum Technology offers a completely updated line of Ion Pump products. We have incorporated our extensive experience with a wide variety of ion pumps to provide an improved offering for our customers.
Download here PDF:New ION Pumps from Hositrad Vacuum Technology
  • Improved Element Design
  • Choice of Element Technology - Standard Diode - Galaxy Diode - Noble Diode
  • Efficient, Modular Design
  • Choice of High Voltage Feedthrough Standard:HVFT - 5125 Fischer-Style Fault-Safe
Optional: HVFT-5143 Varian-Style,  HVFT-5120 Varian Starcell Style, FT- PE -133 PE-Style.

Download here PDF:Galaxy

Download here PDF: Small Ion Pump Controllers (SPC)

Download here PDF: Choice of Pumping Element Tech. 

Download here PDF:Hositrad Ion Pump Controllers Terranova

  • Higher Pumping Speed/Volume Ratio
  • Low Cost, Long Life for UHV
  • S table Pumping for Air Load/Leaks
  • Stable Pumping for Argon Loads
  • Smaller Size
  • Lower Profile
  • Match Application/Control Unit
Double-Ended configuration available on 200 and 400 l/s models.Please inquire. All pumps are shipped processed and under vacuum. 

Dowload here PDF:
Hositrad Ion Pump
Rebuilding Services 

Download here PDF:
Ionpump High Voltage
Fischer feedthrough
HVFT 5125
 Titanium sublimation pump with Cryopanel & Titanium element
• High Pumping Speed at low pressures ≤ 10-10 mbar
• Alloy Wire: 85% Titanium, 15% Moly
• Bakeable until 350°C


Download here PDF
Ionpump Services
Hositrad ION PUMP Rebuilding Service
Ionpump High Voltage Fischer feedthrough HVFT 5125
Choice of Pumping Element Technology

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