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  RGA Residual Gas Analyzer  Benchtop Gas Analyzer 

Quadrupole Spectrometers

RGA Residual Gas Analyzer

Benchtop Gas Analyzer

Quadrupole Spectrometers

Hositrad Vacuum Technology
represent Extrel CMS with a wide range of flange mounted Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers and Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA) that can fit any application or budget: The research grade MAX Systems, the general use MAX-LT™ and the standard RGA Systems.
These systems include an Ionizer, Quadrupole, MassFilter, Detector, Mounting Flange, Power Supplies, Control Electronics and Software. They can be used as the core of a new mass spectrometer system, or as a way to add mass spectrometry to an existing system or as a diagnostic tool.

Quadrupoles & Ionguides           Ionizers & Ionoptics                  
Detectors & Amplifiers

Extrel’s newest Quadrupole Power Supplies (QPS) deliver unrivalled long-term stability. Download PDF here  
Here we demonstrate two of the most critical performance factors for Quadrupole Power Supplies:
• Mass Stability
• Resolution Stability
Read more

MAX Flange Mounted Mass Spectrometers

are powerful research grade instruments. They have the best performance and the widest array of options of any of our systems. They are offered in mass ranges from 1 to 50 amu up to 20 to 16.000 amu and can be upgraded for MS/MS operation. Typical applications for the MAX Systems include: Clusters and Biomolecule Analysis, Atmospheric Chemistry Studies, Plasma and Combustion Studies, Materials Analysis and He/D2 Analysis.
MAX-LT flange mounted RGA MS
Extrel’s MAX-LT Flange Mounted Mass Spectrometers provide research grade performance at an affordable price. They are offered in 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 amu versions with a number of options available. Typical applications for the MAX-LT systems include, Thermal Programmed Desorption (TPD) analysis, Plasma and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Analysis and UHV Residual Gas Analysis.

MAX- SIMS Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

High performance SIMS quadrupole mass spectrometers. The MAX-SIMS quadrupole mass spectrometer is a high performance bolt-on instrument for static and dynamic SIMS applications. The MAX-SIMS is based on our high performance 19mm triple quadrupole mass filter, delivering exceptional transmission and resolution characteristics.

VeraSpecTrace - Ultimate Trace Gas Analyzers
The VeraSpec Trace is a truly innovative research grade instrument that takes the analytical capability of a number of Extrel’s best technologies for trace gas analysis, and makes them available for the first time in a single instrument;
• Atmospheric Pressure Ionization MS (APIMS)
• High sensitivity closed source electron impact ionization (EI)
• Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry (MIMS)

MAX - Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer
Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer (MBMS) for reaction kinetics from processes between 5E-5 Torr and atmospheric pressure. The MAX-Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer is a compact skimmer inlet system designed for accurate and reproducible identification of reactive and intermediate chemical species from a wide range of applications in plasma chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, combustion and gasification processes, cluster deposition and analysis and chemical vapour deposition. More information here

Gas Analysis - Helium / Deuterium Analysis
Extrel has also introduced the VeraSpec HRQ total analytical system. The HRQ was engineered and designed for high throughput and process analysis built around the MAX50 or MAX120 Mass Spectrometer. Heavy water analysis, low mass isotopic analysis and Helium purity are some of the industries the HRQ was designed for. More information here

Research Components Catalog
The catalog provides overviews on the 
product components, part numbers, and
descriptions for your reference

"Bench Top Gas Analyzer"
MAX300-EGA Evolved Gas Analyzer
more information here

5221 Processor Upgrade KIT 
for MAX300 and Research Systems
You are having issues with the obsolete PCI
card and are trying to switch to a new computer. 
But the new computer is having issues with the
PCI card interaction with the motherboard.
Our recommendation is an upgrade to the
Processor module, via the upgrade kit here

MAX LT 9.5 mm RGA Systems
until 500 or 1000 amu

A Real Mass Spectrometer for the price of an RGA.
High sensitivity, flange mounted Quadrupole Mass
Spectrometers, mounted on a CF 63 flange.

Extrel RGA

The Latest Residual Gas Analyzer for your Vacuum
System. RGA, Ion Gauge and Pirani Gauge All On a
Single Probe

Max Flange Mounted Systems
High Sensitive 9.5 and 19 mm trifilter massfilter with
mass ranges 1 to 50 amu up to 20 to 16.000 amu

Quadrupole Mass Filters
Ionizers and Ion Optics

Cluster and Biomolecule Analysis
Components and Systems for Clusters Deposition
and Spectroscopy. Cluster experimental systems
are designed to transport and select Clusters by size
while removing neutrals.
With 440 kHz Oscillator up to 16.000 amu
More information here

TPD Mass Spectrometry
Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) , Flash
Desorption (FD) and Pulsed Laser-Induced Desorption
(PLID) studies are used to gather information about
kinetic and/or thermodynamic processes occurring
between an adsorbate (chemical) and substrate (surface).

High Resolution Analysis
Helium / Deuterium Separation

MAX_SIMS Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers
High performance SIMS quadrupole mass spectrometers
with low noise positive and negative ion counting detector
with conversion dynode.

Vera Spec Trace - Ultimate Trace Gas Analyzers
Pure & General Gas Analysis Systems.

Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer
Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer (MBMS) for reaction
kinetics from processes between 5E-5 mbar and atmospheric