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Glass-Vac KF

Hositrad offers the vacuum scientist the largest selection of home-made glass (Glass-Vac®).
Pyrex or Quartz KF-vacuum components and teflon centering ring with Viton or Perbunan O-Rings. The ever increasing requirements for clean processes in the Plasma-Etching and CVD technology has made up our minds and we are offering these components on a commercial scale.

The components are used nowadays are most commonly made from Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Components will get dirty by agressive gas environment and cannot be cleaned properly.

The introduction of all glass KF components (Glass-Vac®) has the advantage, that they can be cleaned thorougly and there are no gaps or weld seams, where dirt can left behind.
This ensures that our vacuum process will be much cleaner by using Glass-Vac® KF Components.

The Glass-Vac® KF components can be used in any vacuum application and chemical process. The cost of Glass-Vac® KF components against metal is more than half.

The Glass-Vac® KF components are connected by one or two-part injection molded high strength, high temperature plastic clamps and a teflon centering ring with a Viton or Perbunan O-Ring. The clamps are bakeable to at least 150°C.