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UHV Manipulators

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Two-stage differentially-pumped
Rotary Platforms PDF

The Hositrad HMA20-series
XYZ Manipulator
With 2.75" (CF38) Flanges

Probe Stations - Rigid Design

Other sizes PDF on request or below

Hositrad Model HBLT45S Translator
With 4.5" (CF63) Flanges
The newest member of the CF translator
family,   the  HBLT45S has the cantilever
brackets bolted to the side of the flange
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XY Stages   
Other sizes PDF on request or below

Hositrad HMC1000-series XY Manipulators
With 2.75" (CF38) Flanges.

The HMC-series of XY translators combine
extremely high rigidity, a large working bore
and affordable cost.

These include ±2° tilt adjustment on the top
flange, and the ability to mount the X-axis
micrometer (or motor) on either side.

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Gimbal TILT Stations PDF

XYZ Stages with large bores
+/- 2° Top TILT inclusive
HMB1500 (CF63)
HMB2000 (CF100)

XY Stages +/- 2° Top TILT inclusive
HMC1000 (CF40 )
HMC1500 (CF63)
HMC2000 (CF100)
HMC3000 (CF150)

Z- Translators (compact sizes)


Two-stage differentially-pumped Rotary Platforms

Differentially pumped rotary platforms provide 360° of continuous rotary
freedom through the wall of any vacuum system. The DPRF-series have
two stages of differential pumping isolated by fluorocarbon seals on
precision sealing surfaces.  The rotating stage runs on high strength
ball bearings.
This allows the unit to be successfully used with manipulators and  other
precision positioning devices. All DPRF-series platforms come with a fine
adjust worm drive and 0.1° vernier scale for easier and more accurate
angle adjustment.

XYZ Manipulators

The Hositrad HMA20-series XYZ Manipulator
With 2.75" (CF38) Flanges
The new Hositrad HMA2000 series of precision XYZ manipulators
is, quite simply, the best value on the market today.
The Hositrad HMA(nipulator) sets the standard in terms of features,
quality, possible configurations and cost.
Special Standard features:
Top Flange Tilt - with ±2° adjustment. A Hositrad Exclusive!

Probe Stations - Rigid Design

If you are using a Standard XYZ Manipulator as a “probe station”,
rather than as a “conventional” Z manipulator with XY, where the
translator lays “on its back” so to speak we introduce a line of
“probe station translators” that feature crossed roller ways
(instead of “plain” bearings) on the Z axis as well as XY, which
greatly reduces deflection. The design features resolution of
.002mm in the X,Y and Z direction. It would however be limited
to 50mm total Z travel . Most commonly these translators are
used in a vertical orientation with the “back” of the unit being the
structure or “backbone” as we call it that supports/drives the
XY mechanism and traveling flange.
When used as a probe station, they are oriented horizontally and
mount on the “backbone” - may also be orientated vertically.
Our “standard” design uses cylindrical “guide rods” and Teflon-
lined sleeves for the Z motion. The XY travel mechanism is
supported by “crossed roller ways”

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Gimbal TILT Stations

Frequently a probe or other device mounted on a chamber flange
will not precisely reach a specified point inside the chamber. This can
be due to the mass on the end bending the device and/or inaccuracies
of chamber port alignments.

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