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Our Exhibitions

SVTM 2018 Read Less...

All the specialists in Vacuum Technologies, Heat Treatments and Surface Engineering will be gathered together in the same place.

Our ambition is to bring together all the leading experts and offer industrial participants an exceptional platform for contacts and exchanges!

As users, consultants, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, service providers, researchers or teachers, as people concerned by vacuum technologies and materials treatments, you cannot afford to miss this event!

EVC15 Eurpean Vacuum Conference Read Less...

Booth number: 14

EVC-15 will be organised by the Swiss Vacuum Society, 

, on behalf of 
, with support from 
and the 
Geneva Convention Bureau
for the logistics.

Come and celebrate with us, as this will be a special event. First, the European Vacuum Conference Series is 30 years old, as it was founded in 1998. Second, the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications (
) will start to celebrate its 60th anniversay in Geneva. A special symposium organised on Monday afternoon will celebrate these events.

SPSTM-7 & LTSPM-1 Int. Conference Read Less...

SPSTM-7 & LTSPM-1 International Conference 2018

Advances in high-precision and low-temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy

We are honored to invite you to the SPSTM-7 & LTSPM-1 conference, which will take place
28-30 July 2018 in De Lindenberg in Nijmegen. The conference will include invited speaker sessions and two poster sessions.

SPSTM-7 & LTSPM-1 is a three-day event, with an audience of about 100-150 people and is a satellite meeting of the ICN+T Brno 2018. It expands on the previous workshops focusing on SPSTM, and will include a new focus on high precision and low temperature SPM. The workshop will be divided into five central themes: (1) Individual magnetic atoms, (2) Surface magnetism, (3) High precision NC-AFM, (4) Dirac and 2D materials, (5) Strongly correlated and superconducting materials.