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Reactive Sputter Deposition 2018 Read Less...

Seventeenth International Conference on Reactive Sputter Deposition 2018

For this year the scientific committee has selected the following persons for plenary and invited speakers

Plenary speaker

-Professor Allan Matthews (The University of Manchester, United Kingdom) "Property and Evaluation Considerations for the Development of Tribological Coatings"

Invited speakers

-Dr. Alberto Palmero, Institute of Materials Science of Seville (Spain) "Magnetron Sputtering Deposition of Porous Thin Films at Oblique Geometries: Fundamentals and Applications"

-Dr. Mats Ahlgren, Sandvik Coromant (Sweden) "Design of PVD coatings for cutting tools."

-Dr. Nikola Radić, RuÄ‘er Bošković Institute (Croatia) "Magnetron Sputtered Thin Films for Green Energy"

-Professor Kai Nordlund, University of Helsinki (Finland) "Insights on sputtering from molecular dynamics simulations"