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Download Download Files ISO-K Clamps, Single Wall
Code. STEP
ISO-K Single Wall, Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel 304 To Download
Click Right
ISO63/CG  (CG304)    ISO-K63 > ISO-K100 STEP
ISO160/CG (CG304)   ISO-K160 > ISO-K250 STEP
ISO320/CG (CG304)   ISO-K320 > ISO-K500 STEP
ISO630/CG (CG304)    ISO-K630 STEP

Code. STEP
ISO-K Single Wall, Aluminium To Download
Click Right
ISO63/CA       ISO-K63 > ISO-K100 STEP
ISO160/CA     ISO-K160 > ISO-K250 STEP
ISO320/CA     ISO-K320 > ISO-K500 STEP
ISO630/CA      ISO-K630  .

ISO-K Clamps Double Claw