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Viewport, Zero Length, CF, Magnesium Fluoride.

Viewport, Zero Length, CF, Magnesium Fluoride.

Group number: VP003.MF
Description:Viewport, Zero Length, CF, Magnesium Fluoride.

Extra information

M=Magnetic = Y=Yes or N=No
T= Flange Thickness
OT = Optic thickness
WR: Weld Ring
TT = Tantalum
NM = Niobium
K = Kovar
AR= Anti Reflective Coating, Single layer 1x QWOT coating both sides
V = More complex multi-layer dielectric coatings enable a wide variety of tailored transmission / ref characteristics giving for example virtually zero ref at a single design wavelength (V coating) or at two wavelengths (W coating), or over a wide band BBAR or a neutral density attenuation, and many others.

Also available on KF and ISO Flanges

CodeFlangeD1 (OD size)D2 (ID size)TMaterialType 1Type 2Type 3Price ex.Qty
€ 307,00
€ 469,00
€ 1.010,00
€ 2.140,00
On request
= in stock. = out of stock.