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Hositrad Quartz Monitor 20 PoE-S

Hositrad Quartz Monitor 20 PoE-S

Item number: HOQM20-PoE-S
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Description:Hositrad Quartz Monitor 20 PoE-S


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Quartz Monitor Dual Channel Quartz Crystal Oscillator
The HOQM20 combines simplicity of operation with unrivalled accuracy in a compact form factor, delivering precise measurements at one of two available unit resolutions: 0.1 or 0.01 Hz resolution.
In addition, this unique instrument boasts two independent measurement channels and also features ModBus protocol for implementation in both laboratory and industrial applications alike.
External oscillator option extends functionality in distributed systems where cable lengths brings some limitations.

Technical Specifications:
• Frequency Resolution: 0.1 Hz or 0.01 Hz at 10 readings / s (Model dependant)
• Number of Single Measurements per second: 0.5 to 10
• Quartz oscillator type: 6 MHz
• Reference frequency stability: 0.5 ppm
• Sensor inputs: 2
• Input type: BNC
• Protocol: ModBus
• Supply voltage: 12-24V DC for RS232/485; 48V DC fot LAN / Ethernet poE
• Supply current: max. 500mA for both channels
• Operating Temperature: 15ºC to 40ºC

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